Transfer Terms & Condition

Transfer booking

You will be required to make a full payment for your booking at the time of booking.

When booking online, it is important that you understand that payment at the time of booking does not mean that your booking is confirmed. Your booking is only confirmed when we send you the final confirmation of the booking. If you do not receive a booking confirmation email from us within 48 hours you must let us know.

Please check all names, dates and timings are correct on your documents and advise us of any errors immediately.

It is your responsibility to notify the transfer service provider of any delays in other travel arrangements, such as flights, and the transfer provider reserves the right to alter or cancel the service as per their terms and conditions in such circumstances.

We are not responsible for flight delays, delays in immigration or customs, delays due to lost baggage, or delays for any reason beyond our control if you miss your transfer. Missed transfers are non-refundable.

Please note that where you book a transfer through us, the supplier of the transfer service may provide a transfer via a shared shuttle (a coach, mini bus or people carrier), or a private taxi. The type of transfer that you have booked will be detailed on your booking confirmation. Please note that shuttles are not able to make drops at private addresses, including villas or at hotels where the approach roads are inaccessible to coaches. Where the shuttle coach cannot stop directly outside of the accommodation/hotel due to accessibility issues, the drop-off will occur as near as possible to the accommodation/hotel.